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Will not have additives such as flavor tea

2014-02-17 by seoer8

Provisions can not be used in tea pvc-additive , of course, including flavors
However, there are indeed many companies in the processing will be used to flavor, especially some jasmine tea production enterprises , Lipton teabag there such additives aspartame
Whether the use of additives in tea , will not have any security risks ? ! This use is clearly possible , as many tea drinks appearing on the market , with its connotation of ingredients can soak it in tea ingredients are basically the same meaning , since tea drinks that can be used , it does not make sense to use it in tea is unsafe of
Mainly in the minds of the tea itself had a default standard in the course of its development , he already has his own color, flavor and shape , just like Apple, if Apple is too acid , can add sweeteners to improve his sweetness , but the problem is that you will find this stuff added sweeteners also called apple? Always seemed a bit nondescript bar ! !
This is not discussed here can solve the problem, national legislation is limited, but the execution is not required by the implementation of a system problem exists in the Chinese food industry ! Not just tea, a lot of things are like this , the standard is not clear, enforcement is not strict, this is the key
This plus tea , flavored tea does a lot , and sometimes can be seen on the market , how to do it, put your production license or some related documents do not use the name of the above tea, with tea or other types of alternative

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