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Fuel Additives helpful

2014-02-18 by seoer8

There are many types of additives, pvc-additive currently on the market but most of them are pure detergents, curing agent. Carbon and clean up the oil in the glial car, the car is there are certain advantages, but the effect is obvious, there is no use, because people vary by car, according to the rigorous testing methods to be tested.
Alexandria is recommended that you use the nano-fuel boosters, which uses the principle of the microburst, and can be secondary atomization of the fuel, so the fuel burn more fully, with high fuel rate; while also clearing the plot in the engine carbon, and prevent new carbon generation; its strong cleaning effect can also be removed, such as the oil in the gum stolen goods. Alexandria Nano Fuel Treatment is a versatile fuel additives in fuel, improve power and pvc-additive reduce exhaust emissions, engine maintenance aspects significant role.

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