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Give consumers confidence in the new environmentally friendly non-toxic plasticizer

2014-02-19 by seoer8

With the rapid development of national PVC plasticizer industry occupies an important position in the plasticizer in plastic products gradually become one of the world's largest plastics additives production and consumption. In recent decades, China has become Asia's largest plasticizer production and consumption country. With the improvement of environmental awareness around the world, pharmaceutical and food packaging, daily necessities, toys and other plastic products, such as the primary plasticizer DOP of a higher purity and hygiene requirements. But for now, the domestic production of primary plasticizer in many properties, especially health, low toxicity and so difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection, environmental protection plasticizer plasticizer manufacturers strive to develop new products.
Has been mainly phthalates plasticizers products, but with the DOP in food, pharmaceutical industry more widely, more and more people are frightened of its toxic exclusion, the experts found that when people Enter the PVC blood bags stored in the human body, especially the lungs found in the DOP products exist. So, on the toxicity of DOP has attracted worldwide attention. Although the argument is to make people carcinogenicity is still debated, but because of its carcinogenic potential suspects, countries have taken the appropriate measures. For a time, people talk about great DOP mere mention of panic. Its produce a deep contradiction.

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