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About some of the methods of fire prevention and fire ways detailed description of

2013-06-28 by wsdchemical

Fire prevention approach; fire prevention approach to evaluate the general points, flame retardant, fire detection, fire fighting and so on. In the feasibility study and detailed design stage we can consider the possible dangers of fire, the safety pre-evaluation and guide the preliminary design; works on the existing situation can be evaluated to determine the staff and property, fire safety performance; For engineering materials and structures retardant treatment can reduce the probability of fire occurrence and development rate; once the fire broke out, to be correct, timely discover and prevent false alarms; discovered after the fire, to be fair allocation of resources, quickly extinguished the fire; Once the fire is to be further expanded start immediately beforehand ready fire emergency rescue plan. Fire Prevention and Control in a chain, constitute a fire prevention system.

Flame retardant; polymer materials have been widely applied to industrial, commercial and construction and other fields. Since most of these materials by the isotopic composition of hydrocarbon and non-flammable, with potential fire hazard. The use of polymer materials, fire-retardant technology can overcome or reduce the flammability of polymer materials, reduce the incidence and spread of fire. Polymer flame retardant technology, mainly through the polymer is not easy to fire, if fire also make it burn slower. Divided according to their use of fire retardant additive and reaction type.

Flame retardant additives can be divided into organic and inorganic flame retardants, and the resin are mixed to give a resin mechanical certain flame retardant properties, mainly for polyolefins, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene resin. Its advantage is easy to use and adapt to a wide range, but the performance of the polymer has a greater impact. Reactive flame retardant as a reactive monomer participate in the reaction, the polymer itself contains a flame retardant composition. Used for the polycondensation reaction, such as polyurethane, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, polycarbonate and the like. Reactive flame retardant or a polymer having a given composition the advantages of a permanent flame retardancy.

Current widespread use of halogen-containing material with excellent flame retardancy. But when the fire broke out, because these materials in the decomposition and combustion will produce a lot of smoke, and its main hydrogen halide from the flame retardant is toxic, corrosive gases, thus hampering fire fighting and evacuation of staff, instruments and equipment corrosion, pollution environment, resulting in a "second disaster." Therefore, it will be phased out, replaced by a more clean, environmentally friendly flame retardant comprehensive performance optimization technology and its products.

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