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Titanium dioxide used in plastics

2014-02-26 by seoer8

In plastic applications,titanium dioxide pigments are more popular , because at low pigment content , to provide optimal scattering effect . In addition to the optical properties of other important product characteristics , may also decide to wait until grade titanium dioxide , to suit specific applications. Some important product characteristics will be discussed optical properties (Optical) In selecting applications required to consider the resilience of titanium dioxide , coloring strength, the background and the color (color) until the fundamental optical properties in this chapter. Tinctorial strength and resilience of the white pigment light scattering efficiency show its adaptability to display the right to use white pigments opaque plastic system capabilities, and displays the intensity of the coloring pigment for white colored plastics provided by the system of whiteness (whiteness) and brightness (brightness). Because more easily measure most commonly used to represent the color intensity of light scattering efficiency of white pigments . To measure the relative tinting strength , carbon black mixed with 0.008 grams per gram of titanium dioxide in the sample , the right to use this mixed with black pigment group (Master batch) dispersed among plastic , gray plastic it has produced and made ​​uniform , opaque plastic film (sheets) or molded pieces (molded chips). The maximum efficiency of light scattering of titanium dioxide to provide the test port and the best light gray light reflectivity . Titanium dioxide background (UNDERTONE) for coloring color has an impact . Background due to titanium dioxide particles of different size , it can not be a dry powder or white plastic revolution to evaluate the appearance . Background is often described as using three filters spectrometer (three filter colorimeter) as a measure of the gray coloring (gray tint) blue on red reflectance . ( Background = blue reflection / red reflection ) . Trained observer can see the gray background coloring 0.01 difference . In some transparency applied , returns transmittance (transmitted color) of appearance (appearance) is very important. Moisture content of small particles of titanium dioxide white pigment grade product moisture and similar large particles of titanium dioxide by contrast, pass through its appearance is more yellow , and thus in the manufacture of certain products , such as coarse plastic bottles , lampshades , etc., in or yellow undertone is more susceptible to hi -grade titanium dioxide with . When the color , the background color of the titanium dioxide using the correct terms for accurate color , is very important. This end of the color pigment color is difficult to remedy . When used alone titanium dioxide in - when completely colorless plastic system, the color is not the appearance of titanium dioxide , and the background completely unrelated .

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