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Analyze the impact of iron scrap costs last year

2014-02-27 by seoer8

Scrap iron is the iron oxide most important raw material in the production process of the three scrap in our country is an emerging resource recycling sunrise industry, has broad prospects and great potential. However, domestic factors forced the current technology and equipment, the use of scrap companies will increase, and will greatly enhance the utilization of scrap, steel scrap have increased the demand for traditional industries such as metal manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, machinery industry and the toy industry and other sales are affected, leading to scrap the country's 2013 production will continue to decline, prices will continue to rise, which is to purchase scrap as a raw material price shocks caused businesses. Utilization of scrap iron industry is big. Scrap iron production process is the most important of the three materials. However, the production of scrap iron requirements can be described as harsh: Material surface no debris, no corrosion, no punch, no debris. Scrap demand large and demanding their quality, which will inevitably lead to difficulties in sourcing scrap, production costs increased.

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