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The choice of plasticizers and technology functions

2014-02-28 by seoer8

The choice of plasticizers to make plastic products with Impact modifier for PVC good overall performance , the following conditions are ideal plasticizer should have . ⑴ and the resin has good compatibility between the plasticizer capacitive phase resin molecules are then mixed with each other under steady state nature . If the compatibility is not good , with the passage of time , we should have a mutual separation, exudative , sweating phenomenon. Therefore, the compatibility of a plasticizer is essential to <2 > and poly vinyl slender basket for chopsticks better plasticizing efficiency of the plasticizer and the resin plasticizing efficiency is the amount reaches a certain degree of softness . This is a comparison value . For ease of comparison, typically one ) 0 ? Plasticizing effect as the string 100 , and plasticizing efficiency of other commonly used plasticizers can be seen that the ratio of plasticizing efficiency of the plasticizer is a relative value . The smaller the value indicates the plasticizing efficiency of plasticizers on the more Gao . Generally set lower molecular chain having a linear structure of alkyl plasticizing efficiency of the plasticizer
Gao lower rate than , and higher molecular weight , compact structure and polar molecules , branched and cyclic structures of the plasticizer content and plasticizing efficiency . Whereby the user can select different plasticizers to produce different properties and uses products.

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