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Iron industry market rebound

2014-03-01 by seoer8

Iron oxide products are mainly used in the carbon black coatings industry and building materials industry , which exports most of the overseas markets in developed regions, demand in Europe and America on the international market rebound iron industry recovery will be a key influence . Zhi-Hua Lin believes that the general trade export iron products, total exports accounted for more than 98 % different from the general trade and processing trade , does not have two outstanding characteristics, relevant export enterprises are mainly local companies , mainly from domestic raw materials , so the general trade has a long industrial chain , driving ability and strong features , which mainly reflects the ability of domestic enterprises and changes in the level of exports , is conducive to further optimize the structure of China's trade . Iron industry to control the number of low-end products , focusing on the development of mid-range of quality products , we need to change the traditional to the ultra-low price of exports large amounts of low-end products , while imports of high-end products at high prices situation . High-grade iron oxide pigment , is currently developed using generic products , these products are widely developed countries in the paint , building materials and other industrial applications , our iron enterprises in this field should have a strong competitive advantage , as long as the species, the quality and international standards , export prospects should be very good . Of course , in addition to price , the introduction of iron processing technology, perfect service package of technical solutions , as well as to improve the variety , quality improvement is a key element of competition.

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