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Application of the principles and application of antistatic agent

2014-03-06 by seoer8

Antistatic effect of the antistatic agent in the PVC lubricant plastic to reduce the surface resistance. Reduce or eliminate the static charge of plastic surface, thus affecting the performance of antistatic plastic. Thus, the antistatic effect plastic affected by many factors. The internal mixing type, the compatibility between the antistatic agent and the plastic directly affect the performance of antistatic plastic. Good compatibility, because intermolecular forces the antistatic agent molecules migrate difficulty; compatibility bad, antistatic agents will soon precipitate surface, causing oozing surplus products not only affect the appearance and workability, and plastic anti- Electrostatic validity is reduced accordingly. This solid, practical use, antistatic agents and plastics have moderate compatibility. When the surface of the antistatic agent put the loss, oozing internal antistatic surface molecules can promptly restore the antistatic effect. Typically, the polar resin to be used ionic antistatic agent, a weak or non-cast panels of fat will have low resistance to polar nonionic antistatic Jing. The glass transition temperature of the plastic (T) directly affects the rate of migration of the antistatic plastic molecules. For below room temperature plastics, because of its links to molecular motion is very intense, is conducive to the internal surface migration antistatic agent molecules, such as PE, PP and other plastic plastic antistatic performance of its relatively easy to maintain and above room some plastics, such as PS, PVC, ABS, etc. Because of its molecular chain is in a frozen state, the antistatic agent is difficult to migrate to the surface. Antistatic agent interactions between agents and other plastics also affect the antistatic properties of play. A lubricant such as antistatic agent is added simultaneously with the antistatic agent and the halogen-free flame retardant compound to be considered each other IMPACT therebetween. Further, crystallinity, and the amount of the antistatic agent of many external factors plastics, especially when compared to the ambient temperature, the antistatic effect of the plastic has different effects.

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