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For PVC impact modifier detailed description

2013-06-28 by wsdchemical

PVC impact modifier also can be seen as a plasticizer plasticizer due also played role do technology should not be too rigid. Lot of stuff can all be nimble. Excessive type impact modifier, its structure between the two kinds of between the structure, such as ABS. PVC resin for specific varieties:

ACR is methyl methacrylate, acrylate monomers, ACR is best developed in recent years, impact modifiers, which can increase the impact strength of the material several times. ACR core-shell structure is an impact modifier, methyl methacrylate - ethyl acrylate composition of the shell polymer, crosslinked acrylic or butyl rubber elastic body is formed as the core of the particle distribution of the inner segment. Particularly suitable for outdoor use PVC plastic products, impact-modified PVC plastic window profiles used in the ACR as impact modifiers and other modifiers processing performance compared with the smooth surface, good aging resistance, high strength welding angle characteristics, but the price CPE, high 1/3. Common foreign brands such as K-355, the general amount 6-10 copies. The current domestic production of the manufacturers ACR impact modifier fewer manufacturers use less.

Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is the use of HDPE in the water phase of the powdery product by suspension chlorination, so as to increase the degree of chlorination of HDPE original crystals become amorphous elastomer. Used as a toughening agent C? E, containing 25-45% amount is generally C1.

Natural synthesis of PVC allyl chloride, chlorine and tertiary carbon double bond in its molecular chain structure is unstable factors that instability sequence is: PVC within the molecular chain allyl chloride> tertiary carbon Chlorine> terminal alkenyl groups propyl chloride> Chung chlorine. PVC is susceptible to degradation during processing of PVC present in the structure of molecular chains of unstable defects (weak) caused by such modification not be stabilized, and its decomposition temperature is about 130 ℃, but that the processing of PVC resin into useful products, the molding temperature to 190 ℃, therefore, a heat stabilizer must be added for stabilization of its structure improvement.

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