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Describes PVC additive main dryer

2014-03-08 by seoer8

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer double cone pvc-additive rotating tank , the tank under vacuum to pass into the jacket for heating oil or hot water , heat through the tank wall in contact with wet material . Evaporation of water vapor or other gases after the wet material absorbs heat through vacuum exhaust pipe is pumped . As the tank body in a vacuum, and the tank so that the material constantly turning up and down , inside and outside the flip , so speed up the drying rate of the material , increasing the drying rate, to achieve uniform drying purposes .
(PVC additives dryer , PVC additives dryer ) features double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a hybrid - one of the new drying in the dryer . The condensers , vacuum pumps and dryer facilities, consisting of vacuum drying device . ( Eg no need for solvent recovery , condenser or may not ) advanced design , simple internal structure , easy to clean , the material can be discharged of all , easy to operate . Can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment. At the same time turning the material due to the container itself also rotates, but the plot is not the wall material , the heat transfer coefficient, drying rate , not only saves energy, but full uniform drying , good quality. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other industries drying .

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