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The role of pigment grade titanium dioxide in coatings

2014-03-09 by seoer8

Viscous coating is a suspension of the base material , pigments , fillers , solvents and titanium dioxide anatase thereof. Be applied to the surface to form a tough coating of objects play a decorative role and protection .
Paint pigment has a certain opacity, it can not only cover the surface to be painted the original color , but also confers coating of bright colors , to the role of aesthetics and decor. Meanwhile pigment closely integrated with the fixing agent , fused, and can enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the coating to prevent cracks and film thickness can be increased to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet light and moisture , etc. , to improve the aging resistance of the coating to extend life.
Irrespective of solvent-based or water-based paint , if the use of titanium dioxide , its role is not only to cover and decorate , and more important role in improving the physical and chemical properties of the coating , enhanced chemical stability , as well as improved hiding power, tint strength , corrosion resistance , light resistance, weather resistance , mechanical strength and enhanced adhesion of the film to prevent cracking , prevent UV and moisture through , thus delaying the aging , extending the life of the film . While also saving materials and increased variety.
In the paint , the most widely used white paint , white paint and light-colored paints to be used in it , so in paint production, the amount of white pigment paint much more than others . Coatings used white pigments are zinc white, lithopone, titanium dioxide and the like. Some of the synthetic resin coating due to the large degree of polymerization , if the addition of zinc white, zinc white, due to alkaline , and the coating action of the free fatty acids have a tendency to thicken ; if added lithopone, the weather resistance is poor. However, the titanium dioxide can be improved by using the above-described disadvantages. Because titanium dioxide particles are small and uniform, high photochemical stability , in terms of hiding , www.hbljhg.com rutile titanium dioxide is seven times the zinc white , is 5.56 times lithopone , titanium dioxide anatase titanium zinc white the 5.57 -fold, 4.3 -fold lithopone ; achromatic power in terms of rutile titanium dioxide is 8.3 times the white zinc is 6.25 times lithopone , titanium dioxide anatase titanium zinc white is 6.4 times that of lithopone 4.8 times . In terms of the use of effects , 1t titanium dioxide equivalent to at least 4t lithopone ; in life aspects ( refer outdoor chalk resistance ) , coated with titanium dioxide as a pigment lithopone than three times higher for pigment coating. Therefore , the use of titanium dioxide can greatly reduce the overall amount of pigment in the paint , but made ​​of colorful paint , not yellowed , light, heat , abrasion , weathering , alkali, sulfur-resistant , resistant to acid . It is because titanium dioxide than the zinc white , lithopone superior performance , as well as the production of coatings become essential best white pigment. Coating with titanium dioxide accounts for over 90% of total pigment , a white pigment coating of more than 95 %. Accounted for 10 % to 25% in the cost of raw materials in the paint .

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