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High chlorinated polyethylene used in wire and cable in

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High chlorinated polyethylene used in wire and cable due to the polyethylene oxide high chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CPE) in a series of advantages : heat oil, ozone and atmospheric aging in foreign countries has been widely used in wire and cable, especially jacket materials. China, in the early nineties, when the introduction of the second-largest CPE Weifang chemical production line , the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute as the cable industry technology development center, has convened a secondary CPE application technology exchange was made ​​, due to the CPE is similar to the CR performance, and suggested alternative materials for CR in the cable industry use . But over the years , but encountered a problem market, technology, equipment , standards, etc. , so that CPE promote the use of the material in wire and cable has been limited . In addition , domestic instability CPE product quality , small scale production , supply shortage and other factors have hampered its application in the wire and cable industry .
In recent years, parties and related industries produced under the joint efforts of the country has been able to produce a stable performance of CPE products, production scale is on a higher level . Shandong Weifang Yaxing Chemical Group has built an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons of production lines. In addition , Hangzhou Keli Chemical Co., Ltd. CPE 's capacity of 3,000 tons / year. Production capacity of 1,000 tons / year or less have about ten production units , making the supply of high chlorinated polyethylene guaranteed.
Currently, due to the usual neoprene shortages, prices continued to rise, the cost of the product increases . Another foreign countries have clearly defined criteria in certain cases, are not allowed to use neoprene cable products . So CPE CR is a matter of substitution . Now there are many domestic wire and cable home started studying the development and application of high chlorinated polyethylene, and manufacturers have successfully applied.

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