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There are many additives yogurt

2014-03-11 by seoer8

"A glass of milk a day , a strong Chinese people ", the pvc-additive results came out after the melamine incident , sales of milk dropped immediately , people on the production of large enterprises and brand things are no longer fully trusted , even someone says " daily cup of milk, poisoned Chinese people," so it becomes a substitute soy milk , soy milk from soybeans we feel that this may not be able to add the chemical composition , milk squeezed themselves safer, a time Soymilk sell out of stock. Suddenly I suspect that these theories are not buying Soymilk thought out . . .
There is a theory that the absorption of Asians better than milk yogurt because yogurt is more beneficial lactic acid bacteria inside the intestinal absorption . I admit that when I buy yogurt ingredients have never seen , depends on the impression that buy , it means that the ads do more , which you will find good quality , on which to buy . But there are no additives, yogurt , now more and more people paying attention to health , there is increasing emphasis on the issue of food additives .
Now when I go to the supermarket on the very cool , want to buy something when it will take a look at the ingredients, put down if the additives do not buy too many , of course, absolutely no additives too little , cause I once went to the supermarket snacks , and finally only took a bag of rice crust . . . Think I is not have obsessive-compulsive disorder ah !
Okay, back to today's topic, Teacher's Day gift is a pig received a yogurt machine, I was not thinking about myself yogurt cheaper and more hygienic thing ( in fact, I just do not want to try the yogurt machine easy to use ), you intend to own do a sour taste , and the instructions say to ferment milk or plain yogurt as raw material, I do not know what the leavening agent is thinking plain yogurt should be a good buy , it is going to go to the supermarket the next day to buy plain yogurt .
A look into the supermarket , Goodfellas, all is not what is called probiotic yogurt is milk so beneficial ingredients crown has more than N , for a long time are not plain yogurt , and finally found fresh multi- Eastern yogurt ( we estimate that only here are selling it ) in addition to milk and sugar only two outside stuff , decisively won , as did the results of how the next say. .

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