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How to feed additives industry outlook

2014-03-13 by seoer8

Significance of the development of feed industry
Promote the development of aquaculture in livestock feed costs account for pvc-additive about 70% of total production costs. Development of feed industry and scientific research applications with feed and feed additives to improve the feed conversion rate, significantly reduced the production of animal feed costs , access to good social and economic benefits has laid a solid scientific basis for the aquaculture industry. The rapid development of animal husbandry has been strong support in the feed industry , the proportion of animal husbandry in agriculture increased steadily . All this shows that the development is bound to promote the development of the livestock feed industry especially the modern animal husbandry. Effectively saving food
Feeding livestock feed than a single feed can be fed grain-saving about 25%. Makes the development of animal husbandry increased per capita animal protein , indirectly saving food . Development of feed industry also promote the comprehensive development and utilization of various resources , turning waste into treasure , reduce environmental pollution. Wealth through hard work led to the majority of farmers due to the use of feed, combined with the promotion of livestock breeding , aquaculture production process to accelerate production cycles, increase livestock production , quality improvement, and thus to bring huge economic benefits of aquaculture . Therefore, a large number of rural farmers become wealthy families .

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