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PVC additives on crystallization

2014-03-15 by seoer8

Acetyl aniline, adipic acid and potassium hydrogen phthalate as an additive, the pvc-additive effect of three additives to PVC molecular conformation by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Through the analysis of the characteristic absorption peak of crystallization, indicating that the crystal phase of the molecular chain are trans PVC syndiotactic extended chain conformation. Acetyl aniline and adipic PVC increases the degree of crystallinity, and potassium hydrogen phthalate makes PVC crystallinity decreases. The results of the amorphous phase PVC conformation shows that acetyl aniline and adipic acid so amorphous phase short trans-ordered conformation increases, while making TTG * G * conformation defects increased. So acetanilide and adipic acid chain can fold increase in PVC content in the crystal structure, the crystal becomes perfect. Moreover, adipic acid both amorphous phase change PVC chain conformation, and the crystal phase PVC chain conformation change, and the acetanilide and potassium hydrogen phthalate PVC affect only the amorphous molecular chain conformation.

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