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How to distinguish between good and bad quality iron Pink

2014-03-27 by seoer8

First appearance of reddish iron Pink to dark red powder. Refractive index of 2.94 to 3.22.Oil absorption, particle shape and particle size, surface area, relative density displayport cabledetermined by the method of preparation. Preparation of red iron oxide can be used wet and dry method and wet is iron,crossover ethernet cable sulfuric acid (or nitric acid), caustic soda as the main raw material, preparation of seed, seed growth and air oxidation in solution to form iron oxide red, then by filtration and drying, the product particle shape is rhombohedral; dry is ferrous sulfate, iron oxide, black or yellow iron oxide as raw materials, high-temperature calcination to form iron oxide red, and its products can be spherical or needle-like shape.

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