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Plasticizer detailed mechanism and environmental effect

2013-07-16 by wsdchemical

Plasticizer plasticizer molecular mechanism of action is inserted into the polymer molecule chains, weakened stress between the polymer chains, results in increased mobility of the polymer chains, reduces the crystallization of the polymer chains degrees, so that the plastic polymer is increased, which is a major factor against the plasticizing effect of stress between the polymer chains of the molecular chain of the polymer crystallinity, while they depend on the polymer chemistry and physical structure.

When the plasticizer is added to the polymer, the plasticizer molecules with each other, to give a polymer plasticizing the interaction between molecules is important. Unless all these interactions (between plasticizers and plasticizer, plasticizer and between the polymers, polyethylene and polymer material and between) are the same size, it may not plasticizing effect and anti-plasticized effect.

Epoxy plasticizers main varieties: epoxidized soybean oil, epoxidized linseed oil methyl acetoacetate, butyl oleate bran epoxy, epoxy pupa butyl oleate, epoxidized soybean oil, octyl acrylate, 9,10 - epoxy octyl stearate and so on. In PVC products, mainly used its plasticity have both stability characteristics. Epoxy plasticizers (epoxidized oils) are made from natural oils in an organic peroxy acid epoxidation reaction in the system of a class excellent plasticizer, minimal toxicity, and the main plasticizer DOP, DBP compared with it highlights the advantages of non-toxic, heat and light stability, and in many countries are allowed to be used in food and pharmaceutical packaging materials.

Standard lag problem solving plasticizer current Chinese exports faced with more severe external environment. Special attention is required, the importing country to improve quarantine standards, as a means to increase the detection project, with technical barriers to trade restrictions on Chinese exports to protect domestic industry trends are becoming evident. At present, Europe and Japan and South Korea and other countries have used citric acid esters, epoxy esters and other safety and environmental protection plasticizer for updating alternative products, have been introduced in the food packaging, medical supplies, children's toys and other products for human contact DOA disabled , DOP standards, regulations, and standards in our country, it is also expressly allows the use of DOA, DOP. Although these varieties are carcinogenic plasticizers inconclusive, but because of China's relevant standards lag, which attracted many domestic exports of plastic products, and products containing PVC stabilizer outdated massive immigration and other issues, to solve our plasticized agent standards lag problem is imminent.

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