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Plastic pvc-additive heat stabilizer by category

2014-03-28 by seoer8

Type of plastic heat stabilizer is a kind of heat stabilizers can prevent or reduce the polymer is heated in the course of processing and degradation or cross-linking additives to extend the life of the composite material . Usual stabilizers can be divided into categories according to the main component of salt , fatty acid soaps , organotin compounds, heat stabilizers, and the pure compound classes of organic compounds . 1 ) Heat stabilizer salt : salt stabilizer is the combination of the " base " of lead salts of inorganic and organic acids , PVC stabilizer such stabilizer having excellent heat resistance , weather resistance and electrical insulating properties , low cost , poor transparency , a certain toxicity, the dosage is generally 0.5% ~ 5.0% . ( Source Global polyurethane network ) 2 ) a fatty acid based heat stabilizer : Such a thermal stabilizer is a compound of a fatty acid composition of roots and metal ions , also called metal soap heat stabilizers , acid groups , and its performance and the kind of metal ions , generally the amount of 0.1% ~ 3.0% . 3 ) organotin heat stabilizers : class PVC heat stabilizer molecule with chlorine atoms to form unstable ligand and the ligand organotin carboxylate group and a chlorine atom unstable replacement . Features such heat stabilizers are high stability , good transparency , heat resistance, the downside is expensive. 4 ) Composite type heat stabilizer : Such a thermal stabilizer is a metal salt or soap as a kind of liquid or solid based compound and an organic tin -based compound , wherein the metal salts are calcium - magnesium - zinc , barium - calcium - zinc, barium - zinc and barium - cadmium ; common organic acids such as organic acids, naphthenic acid, oleic acid, benzoic acid and salicylic acid. 5 ) a thermal stabilizer compounds : Except for a few of such primary heat stabilizer PVC plasticizerstabilizer may be used alone ( primarily nitrogen containing organic compound ) , but also a high boiling point include polyhydric alcohols and phosphites, phosphates and often stabilizer, the metal can improve the weather resistance, transparency of the composite material , to improve the surface color of the article.

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