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The actual application of plastic additives

2014-08-05 by wsdchemical

Mechanical strength, plastic additives, good insulation plastic additives with high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, therefore, commonly used in the manufacture of electrical materials, such as switch, lamp holder, Headset, the phone shell, instrument shell, "bakelite" named after this. Plastic additives drawback is the poor mechanical properties, plastics additives are not the oil resistance and chemical corrosion, in order to overcome the above defects, it was modified for plastic additives, added different fillers in plastics additives can be obtained in the phenolic plastics modified with different functions, such as add asbestos, mica in the ingredients, additives for plastics can increase acid and alkali resistance, its wear resistance, can be used as chemical equipment materials and motor, automobile accessories; adding glass fiber can increase the hardness, can be used as parts of a machine; greatly improved by the modification of nitrile rubber after oil resistance and impact strength of PVC; modified can improve the mechanical strength and resistance to acid. Plastic additives due to abundant sources of raw materials, simple preparation process, low price, the product has excellent performance, there is still the world's largest production of thermosetting plastics.

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