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China organic pigment industry development status

2013-07-03 by wsdchemical

Organic pigment is accompanied by organic dyes technical progress gradually developed, and the formation of a special performance, relatively independent of the organic coloring matter, widely used in inks, paints and plastics and other fields.
Organic pigment industries as technology development and other industries, as applications continue to expand, organic pigments made newer and higher requirements, thus greatly promoted the organic pigment technology to develop in depth. Their product requirements can be summarized as follows: Product gentrification, is met by the metal coating durability, weather fastness, heat resistance, solvent resistance and migration performance and other requirements; formulations of organic pigment, the development of a special specific product application performance, the development of a high purity crystalline form of special features specific organic pigments. Meanwhile, the concept of environmental protection will be fully integrated into the organic pigment production, trade and consumption in every aspect. Therefore, the organic pigment industry is facing enormous challenges, there are also broad space for development.
Currently assigned organic pigment market: US-based North American countries accounted for 33%, Europe 33%, Japan 14%, South America accounted for 7%, other countries accounted for only 13%. Thus, China and throughout Asia is much room for market development

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