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How sustainable plastics additives

2013-07-24 by seoer8

Enhance adaptability and services to increase environmental awareness in the increasingly under pressure, plastic products manufacturers in addition to strengthen their own management, and gradually moved up the environmental requirements for raw materials especially for resins and plastic additive requirements.
Resin production, mostly large-scale, continuous and automated processes, raw materials a single species, the small changes in process parameters, environmental banned / restricted substances into less likely. There are many different additives.
plastic lubricant products, environmental pressures are actually more for the plastic additives. How to deal with domestic plastics additives business to pass it this invisible pressure? Rely on existing resources for product and process improvement is feasible.
First, to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, companies need to take the initiative to understand the content of various laws and regulations, must comply with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations to prevent the introduction of prohibited substances pathways, such as strict control of raw materials, do not use chemicals containing heavy metals and other raw materials , screening catalyst; strengthen the production process control, the entire production process for environmental protection isolation, or for process improvements that will not solve the problem of raw material control forms to go through the process of solving; strengthen the packaging, transportation and other aspects of rationalization and environmental protection.
Second, in the implementation of uniform standards within the industry and the corresponding detection methods is imperative, not only the product quality of domestic enterprises can be given clear guidance, but also promote the domestic industry standards with international standards.

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