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Plastic Additives Brief introduction

2013-07-25 by seoer8

plastic additive is mixed with the plastic, the small amount of added compounds, a synthetic resin, or in order to improve the molding properties of a product or a given class of chemical substances. Such substance is dispersed in the synthetic resin or compounds, in the synthetic resin does not affect the molecular junction
Performance of the main requirements for plastic additives are: ① Efficient: applications in plastics processing and can effectively play its proper function. Selection should be based on the pvc additive mixing with the comprehensive performance requirements. ② Compatibility: synthetic resin with better compatibility. ③ Persistence: inPlastics processing and application process is not volatile, non-bleeding and non-migratory and non-leaching. ④ Chemical stability: in the plastic processing and application process does not decompose with the synthetic resin and other components of the chemical reaction. ⑤ Non-toxic: no toxic effects on the human body. ⑥ priceCell is low.
Add a way to add an additive depends on: the physical form of synthetic resin and melt characteristics; additives physical form and concentration; additive compounds, the dispersion and solubility; compounds, the ultimate physical condition. When adding multiple high-speed mixing, denseRefining and extrusion processes. The effect additives may be added, in addition to depending on their mechanism of action, but also depends on the correct order of addition.

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