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Type of plastic additives

2013-07-25 by seoer8

pvc additive is dispersed in the molecular structure of the plastic, the plastic will not seriously affect the molecular structure, and can improve the properties or reduce the cost of chemicals. Additive to be added, can promote improved plastic substrate processing, physical, chemical and other functions and increasing
Substrate physical and chemical properties.
plastic additive according to their specific function can be divided into seven categories: ① improve the processing performance additives such as heat stabilizers, lubricants, etc.. ② improve machining performance additives, such as plasticizers, toughening agents, etc. ③ additives improve the surface properties, such as an antistatic agent,Coupling agent. ④ improve optical performance additives such as coloring agents. ⑤ improve the aging properties of additives, such as antioxidants, light stabilizers. ⑥ reduce the cost of plastic additives, such as extenders, fillers and the like. ⑦ additives impart other specific effects, such asBlowing agents, flame retardants, fungicides and so on.

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