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The foaming plastic additives

2013-07-26 by seoer8

foaming agent for the production of porous foam blowing agents, and can be divided into physical-and chemical-type categories.
Foaming agent in the plastic additive
(1) physical blowing physical blowing agents are generally soluble in the polymer matrix of low boiling point liquids or gases. When increasing the temperature of the
system and (or) the pressure of the system was reduced, the physical blowing agent boiling, foaming and thus exert their effect. The chemical polymer systems
Nature and can determine the characteristics of the physical type of hair holding agent.
(2) chemical blowing agents in the hot isotropic material, the chemical foaming often and crosslinking by a chain reaction to form volatile by-products is achieved,
such as polyurethane, phenolic and amino plastic. In contrast, the thermoplastic plastic, by means of chemical hair hold compatible
Or a very fine dispersion of the chemical substances in the temperature above the polymer ingredients, but in the processing temperature range within a relatively
narrow temperature range, according to the decomposition rate of the required completed. Industrial use of a chemical blowing agent is most important release nitrogen as the main
Gaseous phase component compounds. In addition, the decomposition reaction can sometimes be catalyzed or inhibited, resulting in a scheduled formulations, foaming rate can be adjusted to suit the specific processing conditions used.
1, in the rubber and plastics industry as fillers and flame retardants.
2, in the enamel, ceramic products for the purpose enamel covering agent.
3, in the electronics industry for the production of ceramics and the head part with a pressure-sensitive non-magnetic ceramic.
4, in the paint industry as a white pigment in paints and flame retardants.
5, used as a catalyst in organic synthesis.

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