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Compound stabilizers for plastics additives

2013-07-27 by seoer8

Composite stabilizer is the use of scientific "molecular design" theory, advanced surface treatment technology, plastic additive a special composite technology and strict quality

control system development and production of the collector stabilizer, external lubricants, antioxidants, coupling agents, dispersing agent is one of the high

Efficiency and versatile high-tech products.
Composite stabilizer can be divided into the following categories:
1 Liquid Ba-Zn composite stabilizer are generally pale yellow to yellow brown, good heat resistance, pollution from sulfur, with an epoxy plasticizer and used to

increase the stabilizing effect, it blowing agent with the activated species.
2 liquid calcium zinc composite stabilizer nontoxic liquid calcium zinc stabilizers main ingredients are calcium stearate, castor oil, calcium, zinc stearate, castor

oil, zinc and epoxy soybean oil, ultraviolet absorber. Hugh liquid calcium zinc stabilizers are generally more soluble in organic solvents used

Fewer carbon atoms fat fat calcium and zinc.
3. Liquid and liquid barium cadmium, barium cadmium zinc compound approved agents, such composite stabilizer is mainly used for soft PVC products processing.
4 lead salt PVC stabilizer good thermal stability, has been widely used, but small lead salt powder, ingredients and mixed in its dust is inhaled can cause lead


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