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Plastic additive flame retardants

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Most plastic is flammable, its products, which brought a lot of application security risks. Precisely, flame retardants, flame retardants known as more appropriate, because "flame" contains two meanings flame retardant and smoke suppression, compared with the broader concept of flame retardants. However, long-

Period, people have become accustomed to the concept of use of flame retardants, so referred to in the literature is actually flame retardant and smoke suppression effect of functional additives in general. Flame retardants can be classified according to their use additive flame retardant and reactive flame retardant. Add a flame retardant

Agent is typically added to the manner in conjunction with the base resin, and the resin between them just a simple physical mixture; reactive flame retardant is generally a molecule containing reactive elements and group-containing monomer, such as a halogenated acid anhydride , halogenated bisphenol-and phosphorus-containing polyols and the like, the

Having reactivity, can chemically bonded to the molecular chain of the resin, a plastic resin part, structure or the most reactive flame retardant additive flame retardant synthetic monomers. According to the different chemical composition, can be divided into inorganic flame retardant and an organic barrier

plastic flame retardant . Inorganic flame retardants include aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, antimony oxide, zinc borate, and red phosphorus, etc., halogenated organic flame mostly organic bromides and organic chlorides, phosphates, halogenated phosphates, nitrogen phosphorus-based flame retardants and intumescent flame retardants. Smoke suppression

Agent's role is to reduce the amount of flame-retardant materials and toxic smoke emission of harmful gases, mostly for molybdenum compounds, tin compounds and iron-based compounds. Although antimony trioxide and zinc borate also smoke suppression, but is often used as a flame retardant synergist and therefore classified as a flame retardant

Agent system.

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