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The plasticizer plastics additives

2013-07-31 by seoer8

Plasticizer in plastic additive :
Some higher glass transition temperature of the plasticizer , the temperature for preparation of soft products and improving the processing of the melt flow properties, it requires a certain amount of plasticizer. These low molecular weight plasticizers and oily polymer has good compatibility, they are distributed in the high
Between the molecular chains, reducing their intermolecular force, so that at a certain temperature and pressure, the molecular chain movement is easy to achieve the purpose of molding. Therefore, plasticizers reduce the glass transition temperature and the lowest plastic molding temperature. Usually the glass transition temperature
The lower value of the flat component is proportional to the volume of plasticizer.
And sub-divided into the main plasticizer plasticizer plasticizer two categories: primary plasticizer is characterized by good compatibility with the resin,
plasticizers, high efficiency, resistance to migration, low volatility, low oil (water ) extraction resistance, low temperature flexibility. Poor solubility sub plasticizer, mainly increase with the main
Plasticizer used in conjunction with lower cost, it is also known as extenders.
75-80% of the total amount of plasticizer used in PVC, mainly of 6-11 carbon atoms, fatty alcohol esters of phthalic acid synthesis, the most important is the phthalate octyl (DOP), is a standard plasticizer. In addition, epoxy,
Phosphate and sebacate plasticizers and chlorinated paraffin incremental agent class

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