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Plastic additives aluminum stearate

2013-08-01 by seoer8

plastic additive in the use of aluminum stearate is mainly used for production of stearic acid salts: sodium stearate, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate, lead
stearate, aluminium stearate , cadmium stearate, iron stearate, stearic acid potassium
Widely used for making cosmetics, plastic cold plasticizers, release agents, stabilizers, surfactants, rubber vulcanization accelerator, a waterproofing agent,
polishing agent, metal soap, metal mineral flotation agents, softeners, pharmaceuticals and other organic chemicals.
In addition, oil-soluble pigments can be used as a solvent, crayons transfer slip agents, wax polishing agent, stearic acid glycerides such as emulsifiers. Stearic
acid is widely used in the plastics industry PVC plastic pipe, plates, profiles, film manufacturing. Heat stabilizers of PVC, with a very
Good lubricity and good light and heat stability. The plastic PVC pipe, the stearic acid helps to prevent the processing of the "coke" in the PVC film is an effective
process to add a heat stabilizer, and can be placed defense sulfide caused by exposure of the finished thin
Membrane discoloration. Stearic acid in the rubber industry and processing of synthetic rubber play an important role. Stearic acid is a natural rubber, synthetic
rubber and widely used in latex curing active agent, also used as plasticizers and softeners. In the production of synthetic rubber and hard process required
Fatty acid as emulsifier in the manufacture of foam rubber, stearic acid can be used as foaming agent, stearic acid is also used as rubber release agent. Cosmetic
cream and cream for industrial stearic acid skin care products from these two types of emulsion, so that it becomes stable white
Paste. Stearic acid or manufacturing honey and almond milk the main raw material. Stearic acid esters in the cosmetics industry, soap more extensive use.

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