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Plastic additives used as processing aids

2013-08-02 by seoer8

Thermoplastic resins, the mechanical properties of the final product is a polymer melt during the transformation process uniformity related. Unlike most other
thermoplastic resins, rigid PVC particles due to their inherent structure which can not be directly processed result. It requires a high temperature for a long
processing time, which in turn often leads to thermal degradation. PVC resin processing aid to bring a lot of benefits, mainly with the processing of the melting
process and melt rheology related. Processing aids help to improve the melt adhesion and uniformity of the melt strength, melt extensibility and melt elasticity.
Processing aids and the polymer structure components affects the compatibility with PVC, plastic additive , and will change some properties, such as fluxing properties and
lubricating properties. On the other hand, the processing aid in controlling the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of the rheological properties of
the melt will play a key role. The most common processing aids are methacrylic ester polymers. Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) of a polymer having a high glass
transition temperature (and it PVC material has excellent compatibility, these properties are beneficial local shear heat generation and transmission, and thus the
molten stage to promote the PVC melt.
In addition to the melt rheological properties, the enhancement of dispersion, improve processing efficiency, and enhance the overall balance of various properties,
which are the main research and development of new processing aids direction and goals. This development process aids ask the premise with less the same effect can be
obtained, in addition, the necessary uniform color, the application of the transparent material is also required material is more easily dispersed and more uniform and

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