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Plastic additives of the lubricant

2013-08-02 by seoer8

Often plastic additive in the process of the PVC lubricant to prevent the plastic melt bonded to the metal surface. Use of non-polymeric lubricant has many negative aspects, including mold
fouling, affect the transparency, such as melting transfer and latency. Lubricating processing aid in favor of metal mold
, Reducing mold fouling, improved melt uniformity and the delayed impact on melting Min. Lubricating processing aid only has the effect of lubricant also has the
function of processing aid. Compared with the traditional processing aids, such as processing aids and the polymer matrix
Compatibility to be worse. Since immiscible with the resin, so there is a clear haze. However, this haze can be corrected properly adjusting the refractive index.
Lubricated industrial applications PVC processing aids, such as Paraloid K-175, can be reduced
Melt fracture, reducing shear stress, improved surface quality, but also does not affect the transparency of the polymer matrix.

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