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Plastic additives in the development of plastic additives

2013-08-07 by seoer8

The plastics additives industry is the country with the PVC industry and developed. Meanwhile, with the development of the industry of plastic synthetic resins,
plastics additives industry applications continue to expand product variety has increased greatly, plastics additives industry has become more than categories
More complete product variety of important industries, on a technical level, product structure, production scale and quality of scientific and technical personnel and
other aspects have made ​​great progress, basically meet the needs of the downstream sectors of the plastics additives products. According to the "2013-2017 China
plastic additive Depth industry research and investment analysis of strategic planning "The data show present, China's plastics additives industry has formed the industrial output
value of 30 billion yuan, of which exports about 50 billion. Starting in 2005, China's plastics additives industry average annual growth rate remained at 8% -10%
Level, much higher than the world of plastic additives average annual growth rate of 4%. Plastics additives industry has been the importance of the various departments
of the country, and gradually become the most potential for development in recent years, the field of new materials, an important member. "Eleventh Five-Year" period,
as China's plastics industry
The rapid development of a variety of plastic additives production capacity, production and consumption have achieved rapid growth. 2008-2010, China's consumption of
plastics additives were approximately 2.73 million tons, 2.82 million tons and 300 million tons in 2011 is expected at 320 million tons.
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's plastics industry showed obvious development trend of industrial agglomeration and scale rapidly growing number of enterprises,
the industrial structure gradually to scale, intensive reorientation. Plastic additives industry is also positive scale, intensive reorientation, which in plasticized
Agents, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers and processing aids is particularly evident.

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