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Plastic additives in lubricant selection

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Plastic additives in lubricant selection principles
Choose according to different processing methods
1, calender molding aim to prevent sticking roller, lower melt viscosity and improve mobility. Within lubricants and PVC lubricant should be used in conjunction with

external lubricant, commonly used varieties of metal soap-based, and, where appropriate with stearic acid. 2, extrusion and injection molding purposes reduce the


, Improve mobility and ease of stripping. Lubricants generally less lubricant based, the main lubricant generally esters, waxes used in conjunction.
3, molding and laminate molding lubricant outside the main varieties of waxes used lubricants. 4, the amount of lubricant paste molding products less, less lubricant

based, and a liquid lubricant is appropriate.
Chosen according to different products
Soft products: due to the presence of soft products Dali plasticizers, and plasticizers and it has most excellent lubricity, the less amount of lubricant.
1, in the transparent film formulations, the choice of metal soaps and liquid composite stabilizer, with the stearic acid.
2, for blown film, to prevent adhesion, the choice of stearic acid monoglyceride.
3, the cable material formulations, such as adding a filler, a lubricant can be high melting point wax. The use of hard products Lubricants greater than soft products,

high performance requirements for lubrication.
Blended resin of
1, to improve the impact properties of PVC, but because these resins blended with a plastic lubricant compatibility large, so the amount of lubricant to be increased

2, to improve the surface gloss of PVC, often adding chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer is also a corresponding increase in the amount of lubricant required.
Relationship with other additives Lubricant
1, PVC heat stabilizers in some lubrication effect. Therefore, the large thermal stabilizer lubrication, and in a corresponding reduction in the formula amount of

lubricant. Organic tin mercaptide heat stabilizer lack of external lubrication, recipe towels need to add the appropriate external lubricant; while

Dibutyltin acid ester heat stabilizer, lubricating prominent role, the formula may be appropriate to reduce the amount of external lubricant.
2, processing aids, lubricating function of both majority, a corresponding reduction in the amount of added lubricant.
3, the formula contains a large number of non-lubricated packing should be increased accordingly, the amount of added external lubricant.

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