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Plastic additives lubricant in brief

2013-08-09 by seoer8

Typically, the molecular structure of the lubricant contains a polar group and a long chain non-polar groups. Lubricated according to the compatibility of the polymer

matrix or bad, show different lubrication. Little compatibility, in the process the polymer is very easy to move inside the melt

Analysis of the surface, oriented in the polar group toward the metal surfaces of processing equipment, to form a lubricating layer, the polymer and reduces the

friction between the processing equipment, to prevent adhesion, this effect is known as the outer lubrication. With external lubrication of the main lubricant called


Lubricant. If the plastic lubricant is compatible with the polymer has a certain resistance, and compatibility at high temperature increases plasticized plasticizer play a

similar role in reducing friction between the molecules, the polymer melt flow increases, this effect is called internal lubricant,

Mainly with internal lubrication lubricant called internal lubricant. There are also some lubricant is non-polar, non-polar plastics are used, mainly from the internal

lubrication. External lubricants should be noted that the classification is relative, and most of the PVC lubricant will have two Run

Slip, while and processing conditions, plastic breeds.

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