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The introduction of stabilizers for PVC

2013-08-12 by seoer8

1, as stabilizers for PVC products in the processing of the production process by adding a plasticizer, thermal stabilizers, antioxidants, processing aids, etc., generated during processing and because of thermal degradation, resulting in unpleasant volatile PVC products smell, can not make use of PVC products generated in the process pleasing results. Tim Wyatt research center personnel through continuous testing and research, through the control of raw materials and other additives adjusted to minimize the PVC due to the odor stabilizer, PVC stabilizers greatly enhance the quality of products.
2, a general increase in environmental awareness in recent years, production of environmentally friendly non-toxic stabilizers more and more voices, especially the European Union, the United States and some other countries and a strong awareness of environmental protection areas, free phenol content of the product is greatly valued and restrictions, nonylphenol, bisphenol A is not suitable for the use of the current environmental requirements. Bold and innovative R & D centers, improved formula, and from the source to control the quality of raw materials, and strive to make PVC stabilizers meet the requirements of customers to produce with international standards of environmental protection non-toxic PVC stabilizers.
3, non-metallic PVC stabilizer stabilizer has become the development trend of R & D centers in corporate leadership guidance and support, the non-metallic stabilizer as current research, focusing on efforts to learn advanced concepts, and actively develop, made ​​some results.

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