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PVC heat stabilizers - Pack nuclear tribasic lead sulfate synthesis

2013-08-13 by seoer8

Pack nuclear tribasic lead sulfate is a low lead PVC heat stabilizers , due to its creative use of the package of nuclear technology, is still widely used in the stabilizer on the market account for a large proportion of PVC stabilizers tribasic lead sulfate coated on the surface of fine particles made ​​of an inert filler novel packet core tribasic lead sulfate, significantly reducing the toxic levels of lead, and keep the original excellent stability. Its widely used in PVC processing of pipes, fittings, profiles, wire and cable, pinch and other fields.
This paper bag nuclear tribasic lead sulfate synthesis for a more in-depth research, experimental studies of its optimal synthesis conditions. Methods is the choice of inert or semi-inert materials as the core, on its surface uniformly coated with a layer of a certain thickness of tribasic lead sulfate. Through the experiment, the process parameters involved in the reaction and the reaction conditions (eg reaction temperature, concentration of lead, coating amount, the ratio of water, etc.) are optimized to prepare a low content of the package lead, tribasic lead sulfate nuclear with traditional tribasic lead sulfate experiments were compared. Experiments show that: in all aspects of it without impacting overall performance, reducing the lead content of the experiment, thereby reducing costs, reduce environmental pollution, broadening the sources of raw materials, with good economic and social benefits.

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