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plastic additives (processing aids) use regulations

2013-08-19 by seoer8

I. Purpose: To regulate plastic additive (processing aids) are used to manage, to ensure food hygiene and food quality and safety. Second, the range: applicable to the corporate food additives (processing aids) procurement, storage, procurement and use. Third, the use and management of  1, food additives (processing aids) procurement procurement personnel must master food additives (processing aids) the use of performance and potential risks of taking into account the importance of the procurement of goods and hazardous  food additives (processing additives) are generally responsible for purchasing manager personally purchase, procurement, should pay attention to the performance requirements and the relevant precautions  its packaging should identify  and meet state regulations, procurement Shihai to obtain a copy of the relevant supplier evaluation data  food additives (processing aids) of storage purchasing Manager I must also apply. 2, the storage of food additives food additives (processing aids) in storage before the librarian responsible for its inspection and registration check and correct before storage procedures. Food additives (processing aids) should be individually locked storage, and paste clearly marked to prevent accidental collar. During storage should be checked regularly  attention to retain its original identity. 3, food additives, food additives, hair collar (processing aids) must be limited to the collection and use of sector recipients who receive the required standards should be based on the amount of fill material requisition  requisition must be used by the person in charge of the audit department first Consuming  while before issuing warehouse keeper should carefully examine the content  by picklists
After the audit is correct for registration and issuance. 4, the use of food additives using department according to the standard requires the use of use of food additives (processing aids), each food additive (processing aids) the use of non exceeds its specified maximum usage, operation, supervision and inspection must be performed by hand, and carefully recorded by the use of checks and signature confirmation.

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