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What is organic pigments

2013-08-21 by seoer8

With colored organic pigment as raw material referred to as organic pigments.
Refers to a series of paint colors and other characteristics, a class made ​​up of organic pigments. Pigments features include Fast, resistance to flooding, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvents, heat, crystal stability, dispersion and hiding power. organic pigments and dyes difference is that it is colored objects with no affinity only by adhesive or film material will be attached to the surface of organic pigments, or mixed inside the object, the object colored. Intermediates required for its production, production equipment and synthetic dye production processes are similar, it is often the organic pigment in the dye industry to organize production. Organic pigments and inorganic pigments generally compared to typically have high tinting strength, easy to grind and disperse particles, not precipitation, colors are more vivid, but the Light, heat, weather and poor performance. Organic pigments commonly used in inks, paints, rubber products, plastic products, stationery and supplies and other materials coloring.

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