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Chromium oxide is what to do with the body what harm

2013-08-23 by seoer8

Chromium oxide is a metal having a silver-white luster, non-toxic, chemically very stable, so the stainless steel containing 12% of chromium. Common hexavalent chromium compounds chromic anhydride, potassium dichromate, sodium dichromate, potassium chromate, sodium chromate; trivalent chromium oxide (chrome green, Cr2O3); divalent alkylene oxide of chromium . Hexavalent chromium compounds, the most toxic, trivalent chromium followed. Studies show that chromium is a mammal trace elements necessary to life and health. Chromium deficiency can cause atherosclerosis. 500-700 micrograms of chromium per day for adults to be, and in general can only provide a daily meal of 50-100 micrograms. Brown sugar, whole grain brown rice, unrefined oil, millet, carrots, peas, high chromium. Chromium has a stimulating effect on plant growth, trace chromium can improve plant harvest; but slightly higher concentrations, soil organic matter can inhibit nitrification. Chromic acid, sodium dichromate, its salts and stick-on human skin irritation and burning effect and cause injury, contact dermatitis. These compounds vapor or dust way into the human body, are cited in the nasal septum perforation, gastrointestinal disorders, decreased white blood cells, like asthma, lung lesions. Skin contact with chromium compounds, which can cause slow healing of the "chrome sores", when the air concentration of chromic anhydride 0.15 to 0.31 mg / cubic meter can cause nasal septum perforation. Trivalent chromium is a protein coagulant. Some people think that hexavalent chromium can induce lung cancer. In addition, hexavalent chromium, particularly chromium metal pipes for sewer system has a strong role in cultural centers, the concentration of 2 is 0.31mg / l of sodium dichromate can corrode pipes. Containing 3.4-17.3mg / l trivalent chromium wastewater irrigation fields, can make all plants poisoning. Chromium pollution is mainly caused by industry. Chromium mining, smelting, chromium salt manufacturing, electroplating, metal processing, leather, paints, pigments, printing and dyeing industry, there will be discharged chromium compounds. If tanning industry usually dealing with a ton of the original skin, to row postal Chromium 410mg / l wastewater 50-60 tons; when handling raw hides ten tons per day, the annual discharge of chromium 72-86 tons

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