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PVC additives commonly used

2013-08-24 by seoer8

Pvc plastic additives are indispensable in the production of raw materials, which is the inherent characteristics of PVC resin decision. pvc additive divided into two categories:
(1) The process of the plastic additive is necessary to carry out the molding. Such as the production of hard PVC plastic stabilizers and lubricants, if not they can not be processed.
(2) Function of plastic additives to give a function of PVC plastics or improve certain properties, such as the use of impact modifier, impact toughness can increase exponentially.
Requirements for additives:
(A) compatibility with PVC resin additives should be long-term, stable and uniformly dispersed in the products and play its usefulness. Thus, the additive should have good compatibility PVC. As for the fillers, pigments and other inorganic insoluble additives PVC is required fineness, good dispersion. Furthermore, the additive should not interact with the PVC resin, which additives do not promote degradation of PVC, are not subject to degradation of PVC of HCl produced.
(2) shall meet the durability volatile small, water, oil or solvent extraction, migration resistance is good.
(3) heat resistance, processing suitability and additives should be good, does not decompose at the processing temperature, less volatile and sublimation, does not corrode processing equipment and molds.
(4) Restriction product performance refers to the product appearance, odor, pollution resistance, durability and electrical insulating properties, thermal properties, weather resistance, toxic and many other requirements.
(5) the interaction between additives refers additive or synergistic effect between the proposition effect. Different varieties of the same type of additive compound is necessary.
(6) Economic additive costs should be as low as possible.

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