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Aluminum hydroxide simple classification

2013-08-27 by seoer8

Used to preparealuminum hydroxide adsorbent, mordant and ion exchange agent, also used as enamel, refractory, fireproof other raw materials. The gel solution and dried gel in medicine as antacids, there neutralize stomach acid and protect the role of ulcers, used to treat stomach and duodenal ulcer disease and hyperacidity embolism. The alum, aluminum chloride or aluminum sulfate and sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate effect, aluminum hydroxide can be obtained.
Aluminum hydroxide according to the chemical composition, crystal structure, grain size, and other performance whiteness its simple classification: low alkali aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, low iron, intended boehmite, aluminum hydroxide gel , according to the grain size is divided into ordinary, fine aluminum hydroxide, superfine aluminum hydroxide, according to the degree of whiteness is divided into dry white high white aluminum hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide.

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