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Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant Features

2013-08-28 by seoer8

Magnesium hydroxide in the thermal reaction, the decomposition temperature, suitable polymers, flame retardancy, smoke suppression capability, the stability of the acid and other aspects, the effect of magnesium hydroxide
Results significantly, significantly better than other similar products. The flame retardant characteristics are as follows:
1 thermal decomposition of magnesium hydroxide as: thermal decomposition of gaseous water can cover fire, expel oxygen, combustible gas dilution, and in contact with the flame of the plastic
Insulating layer formed on the surface to prevent the flow of combustible gas, to prevent the spread of flame, the phosphorus-based flame retardant which charring similar effects. Decomposition product is non-toxic,
Mineral phase generation, in particular MgO, and an acid neutralizing capacity, and can be quickly and plastics in the combustion process the acid and corrosive gases.
(2) the thermal decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is 330 ° C, the magnesium hydroxide added to the plastic, the plastic can withstand higher processing temperatures, the beneficial processing plastic
Extrusion speed.
3 can be high decomposition of magnesium hydroxide (1.37kJ / g), heat capacity is high, help to improve flame retardant efficiency.
4 carbonization of magnesium hydroxide is stronger, charring capacity, can reduce a lot of smoke generation.
5 the hardness of the magnesium hydroxide particles is small, the friction device.

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