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Main use of magnesium stearate

2013-08-30 by seoer8

1 magnesium stearate for PVC heat stabilizers, and the cosmetics of flour, skin ointments and pharmaceutical tablet material (shaped medicine, lubricating agents); lubrication of manipulation for correcting wood bright and transparent; flatting agent for paint industry transparency. PVC stabilizers as metal soaps used in multi-line cadmium, barium, calcium, zinc and magnesium salts of higher fatty acids, lauric acid into a base salts of stearic acid. Metal soap stabilizers types and properties of the metal varies radical, generally following rules: Heat resistance: cadmium, zinc soap initial heat resistance; barium, calcium, magnesium, strontium soap, long-term heat resistance , lead soap in the middle. Weather resistance: cadmium, zinc, lead, barium, tin soap is better. Processing: lead, cadmium soap lubrication is good, but also very radical impact on lubricity. A metal for the same purpose, an aromatic aliphatic better than in the molecular chain of the aliphatic radical lubricating the longer the better. Barium, calcium, magnesium, strontium soap lubrication is poor, but can be good gelation pregnant. Analytical Pressure: barium, calcium, magnesium, strontium precipitate as soap prone to pressure, while zinc, cadmium, lead soap is less prone to pressure analysis, the molecular chain length of fatty acid soap, the more sub-precipitated heavy pressure, the more calendar spray cream harm. Lead, cadmium soap toxicity.

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