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Blowing agent introduces

2013-08-31 by seoer8

Foaming agent is a surfactant, such as soap, detergents, natural substances such as proteins, gums, volatile liquid such as ethanol, water, inert gases can occur such as azo compounds, nitroso compounds, insoluble water, gas such as air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. For foam, foam system, foam rubber, sponge rubber, foam concrete, foam glass. Processing Water Dispersible granules, tablets blowing agent is also required. Means liquid foaming agent is mainly the blowing agent, sometimes also referred to frothing agent for mineral flotation, such as pine oil, phenols, alcohols and the like. Make plastics, rubber and other polymers to form cell structure of the material, also known as blowing agents.
Blowing agent to form the foam structure synthetic leather with the agent is added; blowing agent in a particular large amount of gas under the outer strip, the plastic layer forming a plurality of artificial leather continuous, each other through a fine cell structure.
The purpose is to add a foaming agent leather more elastic, soft, more similar to natural leather feel, while reducing production costs.

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