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Inorganic salts of aluminum sulfate soil conditioners

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Aluminum sulfate in chemistry are acidic chemicals, mainly based on the acid chemical neutralization with a base, for the neutralization of alkaline soils adjusted. Commonly known as acid-base regulation. We look at what is soil pH and aluminum stearate how to adjust the soil pH.
Soil pH
Soil there are various chemical and biochemical reactions, exhibit different acidic or alkaline. The strength of the soil pH, often to measure pH. The reason why the soil pH is due to the presence in the soil small amount of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. When the hydrogen ion concentration greater than the concentration of hydroxide ions, the soil is acidic; otherwise alkaline; two are equal, compared with neutral.
Aluminum sulfate soil conditioner
The active aluminum aluminum sulfate is adsorbed on the soil colloids exchangeable aluminum and aluminum sulfate of aluminum ions in solution, which is an important ecological factor, the distribution of natural vegetation, have a significant impact on growth and succession; in strongly acidic soils in aluminum and more, living in this type of soil on plants are often resistant aluminum or aluminum-hi (broom Shi Lan, tea); but for some plants, the aluminum is toxic, such as clover, alfalfa, aluminum-rich soil growth inhibition.
Therefore, some plants are not suitable for use on alkaline soil aluminum sulfate to adjust, you can adjust the switch to ferrous sulfate, ferrous sulfate can also add iron plant. In addition, with respect to alkaline soil, there is bound to acidic soils, too acid or base are easy to cause harm to the growth of plants. In acidic soils, generally everyone is familiar with will be used to adjust the lime on lime soil conditioner, I will in the next article will be a brief introduction.

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