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Aluminum hydroxide as gas and liquid desiccant

2013-09-03 by seoer8

Aluminum hydroxide, is the world's large-scale use of inorganic chemical products. Aluminum hydroxide having a porous structure, high surface area, in the unstable transition state, and thus has a greater activity. In the petrochemical industry, fertilizer industry, widely used as catalysts, catalyst supports. Aluminum hydroxide adsorption characteristics, and thus used as a gas and liquid desiccant, adsorbent gas purification, drinking water fluoride removal agent, industrial effluent color and deodorant. Today is the main industrial production of aluminum hydroxide rapid dehydration. Is full of finely ground Aluminum hydroxide to the original grain size of 1μm of α-alumina as the main constituent (20% -90%) of the calcined alumina.
High-performance aluminum hydroxide in monolithic refractories ingredients can bring the following benefits: Improves the body's density, mobility, strength, improve secondary mullite Dan Shengcheng, reducing the amount of water and porosity. In addition, aluminum hydroxide desiccant can be done, water volume, fast-drying, can regenerate (400-500K baking). Alumina, aluminum hydroxide chemicals are mainly used adsorbents, cleaning agents, the range of catalyst and catalyst carrier, depending on their purpose of raw materials and preparation methods are different.
Nano-alumina XZ-L14 significantly fluffy white powder state is α-type crystal form. A particle size of 20nm; specific surface area ≥ 50 m / g. The particle size distribution, high purity, high dispersion, α-alumina, specific surface area, high temperature inert, but not aluminum hydroxide, almost no catalytic activity, heat resistance and moldability is good, stable crystalline phase, high hardness, dimensional stability, and can be widely used in a variety of plastics, rubber, ceramics, refractory products, such as reinforced toughened, especially to improve the density of ceramics, smoothness, thermal fatigue resistance, fracture toughness , the rheological properties of creep resistance and abrasion resistance of polymer products particularly significant. Since α-phase high-performance aluminum is far-infrared emitting material, as far-infrared emission and thermal insulation materials and chemical products for use in high-pressure sodium lamps. In addition, α-phase alumina high resistivity, good insulation properties, can be used in the main components of YGA laser crystal and IC

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