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Introduction of methyl tin mercaptide

2013-09-04 by seoer8

methyl tin stabilizer mercaptide organotin species are the three in one, transparent clear viscous liquid, good compatibility with PVC, with C8-C12 fatty alcohols, C8-C12 fatty acids, fatty alcohol esters of phosphorous acid, grease and other weak polar oil-compatible, non-flammable, low freezing point, even at -20 ℃ still viscous liquid.
Methyl tin mercaptide heat stabilizer is the stability of the best varieties, production methods are as follows: metal tin at a temperature of 210-240 ℃, pressure 1.0-1.3MPa and amine phase transfer catalyst and tin chloride for methylation the reaction of a mixture of methyl tin chloride, after disproportionation reaction control trimethyl tin chloride content of less than 0.1%, and then with isooctyl thioglycolate reaction prolapse after chlorine obtained the goods. Organotin industrial varieties are divided into methyl tin, butyl and octyl tin tin. Due to methyl tin production process is simple, low cost, high performance, is the most development potential of organotin organotin species. Used in PVC extrusion, calendering, blow molding and injection of various products in excellent early color, transparency and thermal stability of PVC film, sheet, plate, aggregates, pipes, fittings and profiles and other key products, additives.
Industrial products mainly dimethyl tin mercaptide monomethyl tin mercaptan mixture of methyl mercaptan through supplies of dimethyl tin and tin mercaptide weight ratio of 20:80, methyl mercaptan tin pre excellent stability, a thiol dimethyl tin reflect better post stability.

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