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Zinc borate flame retardant in polypropylene Analysis

2013-09-06 by seoer8

Polypropylene as one of the three synthetic polymer materials, heat resistant, anti-fatigue, electrical insulation, good resistance to chemical corrosion, easy processing of shape, light weight, excellent mechanical properties, etc., zinc borate are widely used in automobiles, construction, electrical and electronic industries. Product development speed, variety, and some modified products have gradually replaced the higher-priced engineering plastics. But by its own oxygen index was only 17.4 or so, fire flammable, accompanied by smoke, dripping, and its applications is greatly restricted _, many countries have developed a corresponding regulations, combustion of polymer materials properties and Applications strictly limits; country on aircraft, ships and mines devices are made ​​using fire-retardant material provisions zinc borate for construction, household appliances, electrical and electronic components are also made ​​of flame-retardant polymer materials retardant polypropylene material performance requirements in various countries in recent years the rapid development of the current from the use of flame retardants can be divided into two categories: halogen-containing flame retardant and flame retardant. Halogen-containing flame retardant because of its addition amount, good material properties of flame-retardant effect losses small and widely used, but once it is released when burning large amounts of hydrogen halide, and a lot of smoke resulting 'secondary damage.' Therefore, its field of application is limited, developers low smoke, flame retardant zinc borate materials has become a national, regional an important research direction, halogen-free flame retardant zinc borate currently mainly MgO2 and Al2O3-based, non-smoking, non-toxic , but its biggest drawback is the added presence of large, resulting in mechanical properties of flame-retardant material losses.

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