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Magnetic iron oxide black

2013-09-07 by seoer8

Remember when we used to play in the magnet do, it's very interesting poles, repel each other, opposites attract. And we only know that is called when the magnet, and the magnet is how come, in part, a natural formation, in part artificial, since people understand the magnet chemical formula, making it relatively easy. The magnet is an iron oxide, chemical formula Fe3O4, its production is very simple, namely iron combustion in pure oxygen will form a black particle is the predecessor of the magnet, also called iron oxide black.
Magnetic iron oxide as a versatile magnetic materials, in the treatment of tumors, microwave absorbing materials, catalyst carrier, cell separation, magnetic materials, magnetic fluid, medicine and other fields have a wide range of applications, this material is very there are prospects for development. In addition, iron oxide black is also used as a pigment, and most of the iron oxide pigments are produced, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide green, iron oxide red, etc., of iron in this material is the magic , it generates divalent iron, trivalent iron, performance is sent out of the lot. Bazhou Experian joint expertise to provide you with quality black iron oxide, years of experience make us more professional, in the new year hoping to firm to more friends, I wish all the friends who care about Gabriel Union Snake Heart think things are good luck.

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