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The main purpose of antimony trioxide

2013-09-09 by seoer8

1 for a variety of resins, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, paint and other flame retardants, petrochemicals, synthetic catalysts. Mordant used in the manufacture, white agents, antimony salts of synthetic material. Enamel industry as additives to increase enamel opacity and surface gloss. Glass industry as a substitute arsenious bleaching agent. Pharmaceutical, metallurgy, military and so on. 2 antimony trioxide flame retardant is added, often with other flame retardants, smoke suppressants and use of each component can generate synergies between. Antimony trioxide in the early stages of combustion, first melted, a protective film formed on the surface of the material isolated from the air, through an internal endothermic reaction, reducing the combustion temperature. Antimony trioxide in a high temperature state is gasified dilute oxygen concentration in the air, and thus play a flame retardant. 3 polycondensation catalyst used in the polycondensation of terephthalic acid in the amount of ethylene was about 0.03%. Also used as various resins, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, paint and other flame retardants. Antimony trioxide is also a good cover agent, used white paint pigments. For the manufacture of mordant, milky agent, is also synthesized antimony salts of raw materials, glass industry as a bleaching agent alternative arsenite. 4 for fire retardant paint, pigment, enamel and glass industries and preparing antimony potassium tartrate. Also used as a mordant. 5 is the application of the first flame retardant of antimony trioxide, suitable epoxy resins, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester and the like. Low-retardant effect when used alone, when combined with halogen compounds when used with good synergies, flame effect significantly improved. Also used in the manufacture of enamel glazes, pigments, pharmaceuticals, dyes and other media. Furthermore, also in the petrochemical and synthetic fiber industry as a catalyst, in the glass industry as an alternative bleaching agents arsenious acid.

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